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These days, you don’t often hear about board games and they are certainly the last thing on the kiddies Christmas lists. When you think back to your childhood, rainy days spent with your Gran playing Cluedo or caravanning holidays playing chess spring to mind. These wonderfully nostalgic games have become a past time that the children of today don’t have the time or the patience to enjoy.


AGA wants to fix that, we are calling for a board game revolution! Remember Boxing day way back when, the whole family gathered around the coffee table arguing over Mouse Trap (or even Hungry Hippos!). Gathering everyone together for a board gaming session is a great way to get everybody socialising in the same room.


We are board game enthusiasts, from Buckaroo to Monopoly; we have tried our hand at every game going! If you are struggling to track down your favourite childhood board game, get in touch and see if we could help.


There are hundreds of ways to find your favourite old-school board game. Have a look at some online auctions or in charity shops as many people get rid of the classics during house clear-outs. If you can’t find what you are looking for have a look online, some of the rarer games might come at a price but they are worth every penny!


You might even be able to get reproductions of classic board games online. In recent years there has been a surge of board games being brought back with a twist. Monopoly now offers lots of local variations and many dinner table quiz games have pop-culture versions cropping up. These newer modified versions might be a good idea to keep the kids involved!


What better way to create long lasting memories than having some quality time with friends and family, playing some awesome old games and reminiscing about times gone by. Go on, start a boarding game revolution with your loved ones!

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